Company Profile 

Shanghai 7trip Int’ Limited (7trip)’s previous name was Shanghai Hengshan Int' Travel Service Limited which established in 1993, and it was one of the first enterprises that obtained the outbound tourism qualification from China National Tourism Administration. And it has long been ranked as one of the top 100 tourism companies in China. In 2011, First Sino Union Group acquired Shanghai Hengshan Int' Travel Service Limited and changed its name into Shanghai 7trip Int’ Limited.

7trip positions as "personalized tourism cultural experience products supplier" and "online travel solution provider", and seeks for providing good experience to tourists, therefore, it attracts a large number of senior professionals including foreign experts to join in.

Since 2012, the annual number of outbound travelers from 7trip is nearly 100000, and its income is several hundred of million RMB. 7trip has become a fully functional, characteristics, online and offline, innovated company. It formed different brands – “ShangHeHui”, “YiXingKe” and “HuiXingKe”.

"ShangHeHui" (www.shanghehui.com.cn) is managed by a professional team of people with both Chinese and Western background. The brand operates based on the idea of civil diplomacy and upholds the concept of “seeking lights of peace, finding roots of faith” as its central philosophy. ShangHeHui aims to create a system of cultural products including "Pilgrimage Tour", "Friendship Journey" and “Thematic Tourism", which will be centered among Asian countries like Nepal, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and outreached to Bulgaria, Portugal and other European Countries.

"YiXingKe" (www.yixingke.com) refers to the E-commerce services for independent travelers. Through online technology innovation, YiXingKe has established a highly efficient and inexpensive self-service platform for young tourists.

“HuiXingKe” (www.huixingke.com) works for group tour. The company takes “Good Price, Good Trip” as characteristic, and focuses on “cruise ship wholesale” and “charter flight services” to create outbound tourism products that cover global destinations.






2012年以来,年营业额均达数亿元,年出境旅游游客均达近10万人。已成为一家功能齐全,特色初具,线上线下并重,零售批发兼营的新型旅游企业,影响力急剧上升,逐渐形成 “尚和汇”、 “易行客”、“惠行客”服务品牌。